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How to Backup Data

How to Backup Data on Android


How to Backup Data on Android

How to Backup Data

How to Backup Data on Android, it is important for you to backup your android. It is like a nightmare when you lose data on our phone and you know that you never backed up text messages, documents, contacts photo albums, or smartphone data. This article will give you a couple of ways that you can do in order to backup your phone.

Backup Contacts on Android

You do not have to worry because your contacts are included on Google Backups. But you have to realize that there are a couple of manufacturers which bring some interfaces for handling your contacts, and these are not depending on contacts system of Google by default. It the synced-data is set to the database of Verizon instead of Google, for instance, it is not good for you if you switch to non-phone, or if your SIM card lose.

If you do not want this situation happens, you have to check apps settings of your contact and you have to make sure you do not backup to other space. After that you have to go to Settings and then Backup and you have to toggle it on.

Using Mobikin Assistant

You probably delete important data without your own purpose. Meanwhile, it is important for you to backup your data. And there are a lot of people are difficult doing that. The lost data can be happened when you are performing updates.

The easy way to make sure to backup your data is by using Mobikin Assistant for Android. By using this app you can export a couple of things such as videos, music, photos, apps, text messages, contacts and many more in their original quality and format.

For those of you who want to do this quickly, you do not have to worry as you will see the program will do it for you. All you have to do is downloading the software.

Then, you have to follow a couple of steps and you can backup your data safely. Some space will be freed up. For those of you Android phone users, Mobikin Assistant is the perfect choice for you. But for those of you iOS users, you do not have to worry because Mobikin also comes with assistant tool for iOS devices.

Backup Android to Computer

If you do not want to use third party software, you have to choose another method. For those of you who want to backup your Android phone easily to your computer or laptop, you can try by using cable connection.

  • Your Android phone should be connected to your computer or laptop with USB cable
  • Windows Explorer should be opened and your phone can be navigated
  • There are a couple of folders that you can see such as documents, music, videos and photos
  • Then you can open every folder and the important data can be copied and pasted to your computer or laptop

This is the easiest way to do if you want to backup your data. It can be retrieved later so that you have to connect your phone to your computer again.

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