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The Pros and Cons of

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage


The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

The Pros and Cons of

The Pros and Cons of Cloud storage is a modern internet-based data backup and recovery service that allows you to backup, restore, and access your data anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. The storage system allows you to store large amounts of data for free. Storage cloud services make it easy for users to store their data more effectively and efficiently.


Cloud storage has several advantages which of course are not owned by storage media such as hard disks etc.

  1. Minimize corrupt or missing data

Cloud storage service ensures that stored data will not be corrupted. Data or files that you save will not be corrupted even if they are stored for a long time. In contrast to physical storage media such as hard disks that are more vulnerable to damage that can result in corrupt or loss of data. Cloud storage service providers also have a very high-security system that minimizes the occurrence of missing data or virus infection.

  1. Back up rather than delete

You might be able to save all data on the hard disk. However, the data can be lost or corrupted due to damage to the hardware. Besides, you may have to delete some data if the hard disk is too full. A hard drive that is too full can also reduce device performance. Instead of deleting, you can back up your data (which you consider important) to cloud storage so that you can access it again whenever you want.

  1. Great accessibility

You can still access your data without having to carry your storage media or even your device. All you need is the internet, log in to your account, and download the data.


As a modern data backup solution, cloud storage also has several weaknesses that you should consider.

  1. Requires Internet access

Data stored in cloud storage can only be accessed online. This might be a little difficult especially if you are in a place with an internet network that is not too good. Internet network stability is needed to download or upload data. Downloading or uploading large data can press a long time without a stable internet connection.

  1. Server down

A server will go down when the traffic is too high. In theory, a cloud storage server has very little chance of going down. However, this might happen. A down server takes a while to work optimally and you certainly need a backup plan when that happens. One of the best ways to avoid this is to store data on several different cloud storage platforms.

Hacking is a very serious problem. The internet has taken over many things in our lives and it opens up opportunities for anyone to get benefit from the misuse of stolen data. Use premium cloud storage services if you want to back up important personal or company data. You only need to pay a few dollars a year to get a premium account which certainly has a better security system than the free versions.

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